Canyon Lake Texas, is comprised of three main unincorporated communities, Sattler, Startzville and Hancock which serve s an ever changing population including retirees, young families, Winter Texans that come from the our northern states as well as many Texans that have their vacation homes here as well as the many visitors that come to enjoy the water activities here in the place known as the Water Recreation capital of Texas. It occupies a total area of 156.9 square miles of which, 144.3 square miles of it is land and 12.6 square miles is water.

There is a lot to do here around the Lake, fishing, boating, and tubing. Swimming, jet skiing as well as diving are other ways of enjoying the clear blue water. We have a wonderful Library which hosts many gatherings focusing on a variety of our communities interests such as gardening, astronomy, book clubs etcetera. A dinosaur museum complete with dinosaur tracts entertain many of our visitors. A very special and unique area is the Canyon Lake Gorge, carved out of the land during the last major flood in 2002.

Over the next few weeks we will be focusing on some of the special attributes of this community and highlighting other communities that we serve. Come back often.

Until then… keep moving in the direction of your dreams…